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About the game

Join the new multiplayer io game -! Place bombs through the walls and blow up as many bricks as possible. Collect points and power-ups, but advance carefully - your enemies can blow you up!

How to play
  In you have 3 characters that you can select, each of them uses different abilities:

Less bombs to blow up, but faster than opponents and the hardest to kill!

Amateur Radio
Place the bomb after the bomb and you will surprise the enemies! It uses the most destructive weapon of all players.

For players who do not like barriers - this character can skip the walls! Moreover, its bombs are strong enough to reach opponents standing.
Look at power-ups, they can be useful with so many opponents! During the game you can find powers that make you:
- to pass through the walls
- causes more injuries
- Just by touch Strategy
Does the battle face face-to-face or action weapon? Faster or stronger? Choose your own fighting style! it was added IO Games.

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