Housekeeping Games

Girls who likes the kitty of Hello Kitty will be glad to learn that we held a house maid collection of housekeeping games will allow them to discover what work means the house. Our games have been carefully selected to suit all tastes and ages. Girls who want to become hotel managers have the opportunity to test our game you learn to drive a castle with their favorite cartoon characters. Also, girls who want to discover what remains after a disaster can party Monster High dolls to help bring order and cleanliness.

Our collection of housekeeping games offers all girls the opportunity to showcase their skills for organizing and cleaning a space, to bring order in the house, the kitchen, the bedrooms of children at school. Thus have the opportunity to understand that it's not all that easy for their mothers and grandmothers or for domestic and understand what it means respect for the work of others. Minionii will accompany this exciting adventure and will help them learn how to do, and have fun match.

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