Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Games

This special category of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Games was created for fans of the seriously beloved serial number. Ben Tennyson is a 10-year-old kid who discovered a mysterious clock, an alien clock called Omnitrix, with which he gets the power to turn into all sorts of aliens. In one of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien games, he escapes from a prison and participates in combo battles.

Ben uses these powers to help others fight the villains. We invite you to discover and have fun and venture out with him in these Ben 10 Ultimate Alien games. Many times, Ben is helped by his 10-year-old cousin, Gwen Tennyson and his grandfather Max. He likes to play video games and to ride his bike, and sometimes he does a fever with his super powers. We wish you pleasant fun with the adventures of your favorite hero!

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