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Barbie Career Choice game

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About the game

Barbie's got so many talents! You've seen her dancing ballet, riding horseback, cooking delicious meals, babysitting kids... Career choice can become a real problem for a gifted girl like Barbie. That's why before choosing her path in life Barbie decided to attend our career school where she can try different professions and choose what suits her best. Isn't it a great idea? You will be helping Barbie to make this big choice. In this game, Barbie will be offered to try her hand at three different occupations: an ambulance nurse, a fashion designer and a photo model. Which of these is the best job for Barbie, in your opinion? Choose an occupation and help Barbie to cope with its challenges. First she needs to take a fashion challenge, of course: for whatever Barbie is going to become-a nurse, a model or a designer-she must look stylish and appropriate for the job. After the dressup challenge comes the job itself: help Barbie to cope with her duties fast and well. Let's see if you can choose the right career for Barbie!

Barbie Career Choice it was added Barbie Games.

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