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Horse Kissing game

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About the game

This is a love story in which two horses who love so much, but their love is forbidden. Now, allow this story to have a happy ending, so that these horses can live happily afterwards. You must click the mouse button while the cursor is over one of the paths. Hold the mouse button and make these animals kiss until you see an exclamation point. At that point, release the mouse button, because soon after the sign appears one of your so-called enemies who will return and see you. On the top of the screen is the kiss bar that fills when the horses are kissing. The bar needs to be filled before the time limit ends or you fail. Remember this is a forbidden love and no one should see them when they kiss. There are three levels and in each level you have only three chances of being captured. In the first level, you only need to be aware of the master, and at level two his wife will also slip out of the window, and in level three the parrot will scream. I wish you a lot of love and kisses.

Horse Kissing it was added Kissing games.

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