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Pony Jockey game

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About the game

Welcome to Pony Jokey pony contests. Choose one of the five ponies offered and start a race on 10 different levels. Press the left and right arrow keys alternately and let the ponies run. Press the arrow keys as fast as you can and when you get to an obstacle or a power bonus press Spacebar and jump. Collect power bonuses, and the next leap you will achieve will be higher than usual. Winning the first place as well as collecting as many coins as possible will bring you many points you can spend on pony dressing. All you have to do is visit the Upgrade Store at the end of each level indicated in the top right corner of the screen and buy a beautiful bow, shoes or saddle and make your pony the best of them. Before starting the next race, you will have to give the pontoon water or grass by simply clicking and dragging the item that the pony requires. However, if you do not win at least the third place, you will not be qualified for the next race, so you will have to re-raise that level.

Pony Jockey it was added Pony Games.

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