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Stick Beard game

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About the game

This classic stickman adventure will keep you entertained for hours - Stickman has taken on a new persona and comes to you as Stick Bead, the ferocious pirate! In this game you must help Stick Beard travel through the mysterious desert island to find the buried treasure. At various points in the level, you will be presented with several choices that will affect what Stick Beard does next. For example, when attempting to get past a huge wall, should Stick Beard use a catapult or TNT? Each choice has a hilarious (and sometimes fatal) outcome and will affect what happens next.

What makes this game even more fun is the variety of mini-games that add extra depth to the gameplay. Additionally, you can collect gems and unlock different achievements that give you a sense of progression and rewards. The simple gameplay, side-quests and humour make Stick Beard one of the better stick titles available for web-browsers today.


  • Collect gems and unlock achievements
  • Play a variety of fun side-games and quests
  • Multiple-choice based gameplay
  • Replay levels and try out the different choices
Stick Beard it was added Pirate games.

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