Inside Out Games

In those Inside Out games invite you to know the characters from the beloved film of the same name. Riley, the main character is a little girl cheerful and carefree, which change once the family moved to another city and her emotions - joy, anger, fear, sadness and disgust - trying to take over the command center of the brain and an advise how to react in different situations.

Discover, with your friends, our wide range of Inside Out Games and learn like a visit to the ophthalmologist or dentist, relax at the spa, room decorating, choose which characters to dress or makeup them. If you like games acumen and attention, we invite you to solve a puzzle, play a memory game or to color pictures with their favorite characters. You have the opportunity to play the doctor and treat the characters when they get sick. To decorate a cake or cook in a virtual kitchen with Riley. You have the opportunity to see what it's like inside a laboratory to play the makeup artist, the hairdresser or to discover the excitement you characterize the group of 5. You will have a surprise for you to learn Riley writes in her diary that, as life on the farm and decorate the girl's bedroom. Come join us and you, get all your friends to discover a beautiful world together with Riley and emotions from the Control Center.

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