Zack & Quack Games

We invite you to discover our wonderful collection of Zack & Quack games, carefully selected especially for children eager to become superheroes with their favorite characters. Along with Zack, a kid of 7 years, and his friends Quack, Duck blue does not speak, and Kira, the girl who can fix anything by using glue and some paper boys and girls can learn to solve puzzles with images the beloved cartoon series.

You have the opportunity to test Zack & Quack games, to color by simply clicking the mouse to select your favorite colors, or even to find the hidden numbers to play hide-and-seek. If you like games space, our collection offers the opportunity to display their skills with Zack and Quack players. If you love to take part in quick races, and Kira Zack accompany you on an adventure full of fun. With a simple press on the spacebar (space bar), you can help the Quack to play the super hero flying and jumping in the air bubbles out of the water.

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