Cow Games

Want to try something new? Test cow games. You have the opportunity to play with this interesting animal and collect gems, fighting cows, to buy or to sell products gathered in the game, but beware of the strategy because otherwise you risk to work quickly and lose what you gained. If you want to discover what life is like on the farm now you have the chance to do with our games. You can care for and feed the cows, accumulating valuable points to win the game. Also, you can launch cows in air or to find meant cows angry or mad cow disease.

Many cows games at your disposal free of charge. You can have fun blowing up aliens, appearing cow farm zombie attack or kidnapping alien to them go to the local zoo. Our games enjoy a special graphics, loads very quickly and have clear instructions so in the beginning, and throughout the game. By simply pressing a mouse or computer keys, enter a magical world, funny and colorful. Challenge your friends to have fun with you and start a championship to prove who is the most skilful player.

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