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Adventure Games

If you love discovering mysteries, gathering objects, overcoming obstacles and more, then it's time to test our new adventure games. You have the opportunity to show off your skills of passionate players and prove to all of them the good detectives, helping the orange chamois to find the sweets, the fetits fighting to gather things, several story characters to escape, to participate in the war of soldiers, launch rockets in space, drive traffic or even grab thieves and run a hotel, cinema or confectionery.

Now adventure games are at your disposal to have fun with your friends, find out how easy it is to use your keys and mouse, engage in exciting, mysterious, adventurous adventures with the cheerleaders that train, the lama naughty, blow up a mine, prepare delicious meals. If you like to discover new things, now is the time to accompany the ice princess who will learn how to create a tattoo, learn to decorate a fitness room, create exciting hairstyles.