Two Player Games

You have the chance to test two Player Games with your friends. You can use any keys that are indicated by the game, challenge your friends to a bow shoot, help warrior girls fight against the bad guys, escape, shoot, play basketball or go in wonderful adventures with your favorite characters. Fly in space, play the sport king, fight with various animals or beating characters, start the race with your beloved characters, take part in street battles or in x and 0 competitions, enter the big air war or duel with famous robots from animated series.

In-2 games let you play with your boyfriend simultaneously and have fun discovering who is the best of you. Organize teams with your friends and create small championships to see who wins. Escape the labyrinth, play on vacation, in whatever environment you want. Fun, right? Now you have the chance to move from one location to another, from one season to another, from one continent to another or even go into space. This is the right time for fun!

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