War Games

Boys passionate strategy, fighting and everything that intelligence development proposal will be delighted with our war games. Now you have the chance to show off your skills strategists, warriors and experienced players. Choose any game you want you and others demonstrate them how best fighters are, how well you know how to organize and how soldiers subordinate struggles to win the fight against the enemy. Whether you fight against other soldiers against monsters, alien, pirate, Viking, you are elite soldiers or guerrilla soldiers king or mercenaries, now you have the chance to demonstrate combat capability strong, skilful and dexterity outstanding of the ordinary.

War Games has a exceptional graphics. They were carefully selected by experts so that it is easy to play regardless of age players. Using the mouse or the keys, you have a unique chance to discover a world of soldiers, to learn new fighting techniques and strategy and to accumulate points, opening new stages of the game. November launch the challenge, you play what you want from tanks, helicopters, spacecraft to wrestle.

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