Dolphin Games

If you love summer and if you like to spend time in the water, now is the time to test dolphin games provided free of our site. You have the opportunity to laugh with dragalasele mammals to execute perfect jump into the water, trained for wonderful performances, participate in contests Olympic dolphin to swim with dolphins, to prepare delicious food or even to help Ariel to wash dolphin. Sun, water, friends, all represent key elements for a lot of fun with your favorite characters.

Dolphin games stand at your disposal to entertain every time. Challenge your friends to see who accumulates most points by engaging cute dolphins, who pass to the next stage faster and choose who wins the competition by jumping into the ocean. Save endangered dolphin jumping out of the way electric jellyfish and fish, fleeing hungry shark. It's easy to save it. Use the arrow keys and help him to return unharmed to his family. Adrenaline is running, adventure started, the fun is in full swing. Fun is guaranteed with us. Simply, in front of the computer, you can become a trainer of dolphins for these cute mammals hero and friend for life with their family.

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