Welcome to the logic game known as "Draw: The Path to Home." Right now, you'll be coming to the aid of friends who reside in a forested area filled with dense trees, rocks, and potential confusion. These kids, who haven't been living here for long, are hesitant to find their way back home independently. Let's merge your passion for drawing with a practical purpose and assist these youngsters in reaching their homes safely. Utilize your cognitive abilities to ensure that they don't encounter any harm due to missteps. Ready? Then grab a pencil and let's commence playing!

Your mission involves guiding the boy and girl to their respective homes. Firstly, carefully inspect the game space to identify any hazards or obstacles obstructing your hero's path. Afterward, sketch a path for the hero to their house in a manner that guarantees a secure journey. Be cautious not to lead them into trees or stones, as such mistakes will necessitate restarting the game. Ahead, you'll encounter increasingly challenging levels where you'll need to strive for a three-star rating. We wish you an enjoyable time and hope you reunite these children with their parents, who have been anxiously awaiting their return.

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