Kizi Games

This collection of Kizi games offers you the ability to test your skills of passionate gamers and help cartoon characters to overcome obstacles, set strategies, answer questions, solve mysteries, compete to win champions. Now you have the opportunity to have fun with the Power Puff fetites, unicorns and many others. You can choose to color, general culture tests or children's haircuts. You can also show off your skills in our games that cause you to look after a fox, solve puzzles, test maths, cope with a cat army, care for babies or fight with axes and hooves.

You have the opportunity to choose Kizi games that are at your disposal to entertain and learn new things. Challenge your friends to join you in this magical adventure. You can take part in car racing, go camping with the Hazel baby or even participate in training with Superman in the League of Justice. Our free games are easy to use. Read the instructions from the beginning, click on the game keys or click on the mouse and start the adventure.