Rugby Games

If you love sport oval ball, now you have the chance to test new rubgy games put at your disposal. The boys will be delighted to learn what penalty kick, play fullback role, participate in training or in games of league, to play professionally. This game is famous worldwide and have the opportunity to discover what are the rules, how to play, which are the penalties and how to protect or to attack to take over the ball and score the opponent's court.

Rugby games are great to learn about what it means enrollment in essay or free kick. These games are very realistic graphics that allows all children to understand how to place things on the ground, what role does each team member. The ball can only pass from hand to hand back and forth, but only in the forward foot. The rules are not that complicated, and our games will help you understand what outside lines 22 m and 10 m. Earn points depending on how it reaches the opponent's court. Concentrate and win the game!

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