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Deeeep io is an ocean-based game and can be compared to mope io, meaning your main goal is climbing into the food chain and dominating the ocean. Start underwater and try to evolve into larger and stronger animals to increase your chances of survival.
In the underwater world of Deep, your primary goal is survival. As you consume food, you will fill the xp bar at the bottom of the screen, once it is filled, your character will instantly change into a new creature, usually with different traits. It is important to keep in mind your oxygen counter because some of the animals can not breathe infinitely under water such as the gull, but they can fly over the water instead of doing so. An important thing to keep in mind when playing is that anything bigger than you can eat besides players of the same species, this rule does not apply to sharks.

Controls are very basic, use the mouse to navigate and use the space bar to advance, it can be useful to close the space between you and an enemy or to allow you to catch prey. it was added IO Games.

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