Skill Games Fire and Water games Fireboy and Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales

In the game "Fireboy and Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales" you will once again be whirled into a whirlpool of mysterious adventures! Together with the little spirits Fire and Water, you will go in search of magic crystals. This time, the guys decided to visit a magical temple, where according to legend, fairies live. And there was a huge surprise for the spirits! It turned out that fairies really live there! Moreover, they turned out to be very friendly and agreed to help the elemental spirits get all the crystals that are in the temple. Now Fire and Water will be able to find and bring precious stones to their temple. There they will be able to revive again his former strength and divine light, which gave people hope and faith in the magical powers of the elements.

There are many exciting levels and tricky puzzles ahead of you. Fire and Water must go through all the chambers of the temple and collect the maximum number of gems of power. And their main helpers will be fabulous fairies. Fairies can be moved to special niches and they activate various items. This will help Fire and Water get to the crystals, launch certain structures and get to the exit. But remember that although they are spirits, the spirits of the elements also have their weaknesses. For example, Fire can pass through fiery waters, but blue waters are deadly for it. But with Water, the opposite is true. Remember this and you can avoid the death of spirits. Enjoy your game and good luck!

Fireboy and Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales was added in Fire and Water games.