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MyFrog is another very fun game where players fight against each other in a world where they eat or is eaten, at first you will have a small size and, as you grow up, you start to look more and more like a frog.

How to play
Your objective is to survive and become the biggest frog, anybody else will try to do the same, but you do not trust anyone! This game is free for everyone, so we recommend removing someone who has collected a decent amount of meal that you can add to yours. When you hit the ball, leave a trail of lily pads, they are similar to other games that use body collisions to kill opponents, as if someone collapses in them, exploding and throwing the food they were gathering. Be aware that this food is available to anyone to pick up so that other frogs can come and try to steal your hard-earned edible products.

Your frog is controlled with the mouse, you can also use left click to make your frog increase its advantages / leave the lily pads behind you. it was added IO Games.

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