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Oh No It is An Alien Invasion: Oh Yes game

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About the game

It's an alien invasion, a animated series that we're sure you're all loving. For those who have not heard of it yet, we invite you to join and go with us through a few lines of details that we have about the story of the series and its characters. In this game you must use the mouse to coordinate the aliens from each level to reach the portal. You must use some parachutes in the first level to give extraterrestrials so that they do not fall from the height without parachutes, because if that happens they will die. If you lose too many aliens you will lose and you will not advance to the next level. Pay attention to the indications received and I'm sure you will do it well. In the second level, besides the parachutes that amortize the fall, you will need some trampolines to help the aliens reach the portal. Be careful and save as many aliens as possible to get into the top of the best players.

Oh No It is An Alien Invasion: Oh Yes it was added Kids Games.

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