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Airplane games

We offer a wide range of airplane games designed to entertain you and help you learn new things. Our educational games help you fight back in the past or save people at risk. You must survive as much as possible and avoid the enemy attack, create a defense and attack strategy. Now you have the chance to learn how to fly, but also to park airplanes. Help stewardes take care of the passengers and the crew that pilots the plane. From civil aircraft to combat aircraft, now is your chance to get into the history of special games dedicated to computer-savvy boys.

These airplane games help you get the first flight lessons. Learn to control the plane, land safely, and travel to the ground in optimal conditions. Now you have the chance to fight against the zombies, to save the moon, to fight in space. Take the planes to the laundry, pick up the pilot's outfits and have fun with your favorite characters in airplane races, flight training or bypassing obstacles in the air.