Boat Games

Heat urge us to get closer to summer sports and enjoy boat games with virtual characters and real-life friends. Be sailor with baby Hazel, participate in battles with pirates and throw bombs to submerge the ship enemy, beware of attack whale or the fish starved, participate in battle at sea between ships, learn to sail and dock in port , safe, feeding fish to escape attack. Discover the underwater world and enjoy the summer, sea or ocean waves and sun.

If you like to do jumps, we recommend boat games. They are free, easy to play and very entertaining. Go by boat or water taxi with jetski, beware of killer shark if you are in Miami or Los Angeles, park the ferry, ship, boat or yacht harbor. Our games are educational. They allow children to learn not only how to handle with the mouse or keyboard, but to choose the right strategy to win the naval battle. This stimulates imagination and creativity, developing intelligent players.

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