Baby Hazel Games

Do you like role play? Our recommendation with baby Hazel games is excellent for you. You can pretend you are a football player, hostess, sailor, supergirl, tennis player or businesswoman. Anything is possible in front of the computer. Click the mouse, you enter a world of imagination, colorful adventures. You have the opportunity to display their knowledge and skills by choosing outfits suitable for camping, farm work, flying by plane or rocket to the basement or to become queen. Hazel help her to find hidden gifts and letters to her mother in the bath tub little ballerina.

You have the baby Hazel games designed to relax, to have fun, and to learn new things. Role plays are absolutely necessary to teach you interesting things, to better understand the information received. What better way to learn than by playing something? Along with Hazel, you learn to condition your skin, to prepare delicious snacks, interesting, appetizing to pets cared for by the company, to plant vegetables to help Grandma, do your best photos.

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