Love Games

Hidden Kisses, conquer girls or boys in one of these love games. Now you have the chance to have fun as girls and try different clothes, different designs, different colors, different styles. You can help Disney princess choose the right outfit for a romantic date to be brides or bridesmaids to go to the restaurant. Along with your favorite princesses, our games are fun and educational alike. You have the opportunity to learn new things, find out what is currently fashionable and what retro styles means, learn how to dress brides from different countries or even participate in a wedding ceremony.

The selection of love games lets you entertain, participate in kissing contests, see how two lovers match up, help couples to be romantic in the park, on the motorcycle, in the hammock, on the beach, laughing next to the squirrel or Panda bears in love. Love Stories start with a kiss so she learns how to make the most romantic situations presented by our free games.