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Bejeweled Games

If you like the matching games, now is the time to test our free bejeweled games offer. Choose the degree of difficulty, from casual or regular to expert, use your mouse to click on the pictures or move the cursor until it is in the desired position so you can make a line, explode the right images and accumulate points. Careful! You can also press the shuffle button to mix the pictures, which will greatly ease the game, or it may mess up if you do not use this feature at the right time.

Known animated characters will accompany you in the wonderful adventure that is hidden in this bejeweled collection of games. Now you can choose games with magical potions, dragons and zombies, fish, construction pieces or even the famous Disney series singer, funny animal. Our fun games are waiting for you to discover with your friends. You can organize competitions to see who is the fastest and most attentive player in your group. Adventure awaits you in the world of precious diamonds or Candy Crush Pro games.