Ben 10 Games

This special category Ben 10 Games was created for fans of the beloved series bearing the same name. Ben Tennyson is a kid of 10 years who discovered a mysterious clock, a clock that is called alien Omnitrix, with which obtained the power to transform into all sorts of aliens. Ben 10 uses these powers to help others in the fight against evildoers.

We invite you to discover it and have some fun and adventure with him in these Ben 10 games.
Often, Ben 10: Alien is helped by his cousin 10 years, Gwen Tennyson and his grandfather Max. He likes to play video games and ride the bike occasionally and make it one of the craziness with super powers. The kid is very easy to recognize, he always wears a white shirt with a black vertical stripe. Besides the struggles he goes against aliens still have the opportunity to discover other's passions Ben 10 like racing bike and ATV, solve puzzles and archery. You will discover many surprises, and in one of the games you'll be able to even put on other clothes. We wish you fun adventures along with your favorite hero!