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If you like movies and adore their characters, we now have a selection of movie games designed to have fun, but also to teach you new things. You have the chance to choose various games from memory, image matching, puzzle, search for hidden objects to games dedicated to fashion enthusiasts such as hair stylist, make-up artist, fashion designer. These role plays are very important for the development of imagination, but also for the accumulation of new knowledge. Now you can choose any game you want because this free collection is always available to you.

Movie Games will bring to the forefare loved characters such as the Princess of Ice, Elena, Moana, Mr.Bean, Anna, Honey Lemon and many others. Now you can test your doctor's skills for our games to learn how to clean the wound, how to apply the treatment or how to react in an emergency. Invite your friends to discover these exciting games and together have fun and enjoy our great offer. Together you can start pokemon hunting or play football with Dragon Ball.