School Games

Whether you are a school or future school, it is important to have fun with our wonderful collection of school games. Using the mouse or keys, you can play along with favorite characters from cartoons known worldwide either choose games like driving school or participating in a race bike on the way to school. One can accompany Barbie princesses to school and learn how to behave in society that are good manners or you can attend cooking courses academy.

Our collection of school games provides an excellent opportunity to discover and learn about the geography of Europe or Canada, to learn many interesting things about the states that form the United States. You also have the opportunity to see what it is like skipping school or to participate in a schoolyard fight, learn to type quickly to show off your gamer skills. On our site you can find and geography tests that will help you understand and deepen the knowledge acquired in school. Our games are both fun and educational. Choose one of them and start the adventure with their favorite characters.

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