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Simulation Games

Do you like imaginative games where you become anything you want? We offer simulation games designed to satisfy even your greatest wishes. Now you can see how to build a city or a hotel, have a crazy boss, become hair stylist, perform operations, create fantastic sweets with spectacular design, join a painting association, start a mission on the firefighters' car, fire off or save people and animals that have no way to escape, ride cars, become a farmer or gunner in the wild west, cowboy or boxer, chef or gardener, learn to care for animals, plants , flowers, vegetables, driving a tractor, doing business with flowers, choosing the right outfit for the place where your character goes, caring for the beauty salon clients.

Simulation games are an extra step of technology that allows children to discover whether what they like really suits them, to test trades and games, to find answers to questions about adult occupations and occupations. These educational games have a funny side that is meant to entertain the kids and show them that it's really nice to practice the job you like and that suits you.