Simulation Games

Imaginative you like games where you become whatever you want? We offer simulation games designed to meet your greatest desires. Now you can see how to build a city or a hotel to have a boss crazy to become a hair stylist, carry out operations, to create sweets amazing with spectacular design, to be part of an association of painters to start in mission the car fire, to extinguish fires or to rescue people and animals that have not way out, do racing, to become a farmer or gunslinger in the wild west, cowboys or boxer, cook or gardener, learn to care for animals, plants flowers, vegetables, to drive a tractor to do business with flowers, choose the right outfits for your character goes where, taking care of customers at the beauty salon.

Simulation games is an extra step brought technology that allow children to discover what they like even if they are fit, crafts and games to test, to find answers to questions about the crafts and occupations of adults. These educational games have a funny side that is meant to entertain them children and show them that it is really nice to practice the profession that you like and that suits you.

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