Dancing Games

You are shy and want to learn to dance? Do you like to have fun with your friends? Whatever you are, now's your chance to discover a collection of dancing games that you put in motion, do not let yourself get bored and entertain you instantly! You can choose a dance class that will teach you how to move by moving the computer keys. Careful! If you move quickly, you win points. If you're not careful and miss moves, you risk you take it from the beginning, and your personal trainer is not too cute! Choose a course zumba and have fun with your friends and help them to contest favorite princess prom.

Dancing Games Collection brings fun to dance to your home. Using the arrow keys or mouse to learn new moves succeed, have fun and laugh from the heart with our characters. If you want to learn how to be a cheerleader, now's your chance because our games are at your disposal. You can also have fun with pets that dance movements depending on chosen by you. Read the directions and start the music. The fun begins!

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