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Diamonds Games

Do you like gems? Diamonds games are great for you in this case. You have the chance to play what you want starting with finding a way out of the labyrinth until the gems are gathered by our characters. Find the places where the jewels are hiding, or try matching the matching images to help your loved characters move to the next level, accumulating more and more points. Mouse is your best friend in these games because it helps you to accomplish any mission you will receive.

Diamonds games are waiting for you to have fun with our characters and accumulate as many precious stones to earn points to move to the next level. Your dexterity and attention depends on everything. Learn to maneuver the plane or help the flying dragon gather gems. Start through the maze and look for the way out or how to get to each point required by the game. Now is your chance to discover such games for smart kids, eager to relax, learn something new in the game. Challenge your friends to the competition and see who is the fastest and most skillful player. The fun is at your fingertips and you do not have to wait!