Fireman Sam Games

We invite you to discover our collection of Fireman Sam games, the main character in the animated series of the same name, which carries out the action in the fictional town Pontypandy. Our games are great for boys who dream of firefighters and want to develop the skills of rescuers. They can learn to extinguish the fire using the mouse and aiming the water cannon fire troublesome, lead fire truck and test the famous Super Truck 18 fire service rescuers.

Our wonderful collection of Fireman Sam games allows all the boys to showcase their skills to their loved character chauffeur driving a car or piloting a helicopter rescue, by simply using the arrow keys and the space key. The boys can go rescue missions along with firefighters from British beloved animated series to learn how to proceed in difficult times. It is easy to use for any game in our collection there are indications on the screen before each stage. The boys have the opportunity to outdo their friends and gain stages games proving who is more attentive, skilful in handling tastarurii or mouse and bravest.

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