Naruto Games

Choose your favorite hero of the Naruto series and fight for supremacy in one of these Naruto games. Japanese cartoon fans have action and fight with favorite fighters. In one of the games, Naruto is in great danger and is fighting against a whole army of monsters who want to conquer the world. Help Naruto beat him with his skills and super magic powers.

You can play individually or you can call a friend to play these Naruto games in two. Be with Naruto, the Dragon Ball hero who fights against the dragons, and in order to defend himself from the Dragon Army, he must release fire balls that will destroy them. In another game, Naruto sets out in an adventure similar to the one in Mario's world. You will be able to raise money and you will have to fight evil creatures. Naruto is passionate about archery and trains, help him adjust his uncle and the power with which he launches the shootings to hit the targets.
When Sasuke and Sakura can not help him, Naruto needs you very much on dangerous adventures to cope with Naruto's struggles with beatings.

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