Cartoon Racers: North Pole
Cartoon Racers: North Pole
Cartoon Racers: North Pole

Cartoon Racers: North Pole

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Join the fun Cartoon Racers: North Pole race that takes you on the icy streets of the North Pole as you compete with others for first place!
 Cartoon Racers: North Pole is a winter racing game that takes you on the icy roads of the North Pole.
 Looking for games to play with a friend? Start playing the game and enjoy an epic online game against other skilled drivers. This takes you to the most difficult and icy routes, where you have to be the fastest driver to reach the finish line in the first position.

1 player mode
 If you play the game in single player mode, use the arrow keys to control and balance the cars as you jump, slide and accelerate the car and engines to the maximum.
Press the "H" key to reset the car as quickly as possible if you fall off the racetrack to return to the race and do not lose your position.

2-player mode
If you are playing the game with friends, be sure to first select each car you want to use in the 2-player mode where you find the unlocked cars. The controls of player 2 to drive the cars are S, D, E, F and the "C" keys to reset the position of the car.

14 different cars available in the garage are waiting for you. But as a tip, truck types such as vans and Hummer H3 are the most balanced cars in the game! In the sense that the cars have a smooth suspension over unevenness and decent acceleration.

As you advance a few levels, you will earn money that you can spend on the best performing, lightest and fastest cars.

AI game mode

If you start the race with Ai's other four drivers, try to stay away from them at first and try to overtake them only in curves when they slow down. And if they are too professional for you, which means that in order to overcome them, you can change the difficulty of the game from low to medium and high.
Also, make sure you adjust the quality of the game to have the best experience, start from the low while changing the environment graphics and even move as high as possible to the highest detailed 3D graphics, but this depends on your computer's performance. .
Have fun experimenting while driving with several types of cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Lotus, Chevrolet Corvet, Porche GT and many more.

Release date

  • June 15, 2020


  •  PC and web browser


  • Cartoon Racers: North Pole is developed by

Tips and tricks:

  • Keep cars in the middle of the road so you can make safe maneuvers earlier to see curves, potholes and ramps in time.
  • When the game starts, don't get in the way of the other drivers, because you will be thrown off the road. Stay calm and try to overtake the other players in curves, when they slow down!
  • Buy better and faster cars, and the Hummer H3 is the most balanced car in the game!
  • Try to cut corners to overtake other drivers without touching them.
  • Use the big jumps to fly as far as possible, while sometimes you can overtake other drivers.
  • The car doesn't suffer any damage, so don't worry, just drive like a maniac!


  • Wonderful 3D graphics, with a beautiful winter theme, but with vibrant colors, cars and roads.
  • Test-drive 14 different vehicles available in the garage.
  • Explore and conquer more than 10 levels through the ice roads of the North Pole.
  • You can play the game in 1 player or 2 players on the split screen.
  • You can adjust the quality of the game to have the best experience from a low, medium, high level!
  • Relaxing music and beautiful animations.
  • The most expensive hypercar costs $ 7,500, which means you can have it after winning 4 levels in the first three places.


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