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If you've ever dreamed of driving your own fast boat and taking part in exciting races, then this game will give you that opportunity! In Extreme Speedboat Race you will find yourself in the middle of a picturesque archipelago of rocky islands, where you have to compete against other participants in the tournament. Enjoy the beautiful seascapes and sail at full speed through the vast expanses of water!

To get started, choose one of 6 awesome cards. To win, you need to go through all the checkpoints and get to the finish line first. There will be 2 sports boats to choose from, each with unique characteristics. To unlock access to faster boats, you will have to successfully complete several extreme swims. Invite a friend to the 2-player mode for an incredible high seas competition! In addition to the classic mode, you can also go free-floating to explore the route in advance. Jump from trampolines and perform mind-blowing stunts at breakneck speed! Use nitro acceleration to get ahead, leaving your opponents far behind. Good luck!

Player 1:

  • WASD - movement
  • F - accelerate
  • R - return to position
  • T - look back
  • C- change the camera view

Player 2:

  • Arrow keys - movement
  • K - accelerate
  • O - return to position
  • L - look back
  • P - change the camera view
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