Clarence Zookeeper Caper
Clarence Zookeeper Caper

Clarence Zookeeper Caper

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Help Clarence sneak through the zoo and set the animals loose. Clarence is a good kid who loves every creature and would help his friends all the time. Now it is winter time, and he decided to have some fun with some of his best friends. Together with his friends, Clarence made a plan to set the animals on the loose at the zoo! His idea is good, but he will need some help from you. Do your best to help him in the Zookeeper Caper game.

Clarence will move when you use the up, down, left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. He will sit on some tires, and you need to relocate him tire by tire until you get to the last one. Even if it seems to be a piece of cake, it is not that easy.

In the zoo are so many guards that you barely can move from one side to the other without being seen. If you see a guard and his arrow points in one direction, you should not make Clarence go to the tire that is next to the guard. If Clarence sits on the tire where the arrow points, he will be caught, and you need to start the level again.

At some points, you will have to use the X key to turn the guards so Clarence can continue his way. Be careful when you make the guards turn. Look for the big arrow, which shows you the direction where the guard will look. When it is necessary, use the C key on your keyboard to do some actions like opening gates.

Clarence Zookeeper Caper was added in Clarence Games.
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