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Garfield Games

In these Garfield games, you'll have to feed him, help him not to disturb his sleep, color him, solve puzzles, find hidden objects, figures or letters. But also start adventures with him like playing Garfield in the haunted house, Garfield at the doctor or playing sports with him. Garfield is an orange and obese chick who likes to laze, watch television, eat lasagna and annoy other dogs. Garfield lives with Jon Arbuckle and stubborn Odie, his only desire is to live comfortably.

Play Garfield games and you will see that he is the kind of cat who likes to go out of his way, that is, not to do anything all day. Garfield trained his master, Jon, who respects his regular meals program. In these games with Garfield you will see that he is also accompanied by his teddy bear Pooky, his friend Squeak, his beloved Arlene, and his rival Nermal. You will meet all the characters in the cartoons: Odie, Jon, Squeak, Pookie, Nermal, Arlene and Dr. Liz.