"Formula Rush Online" is a cool opportunity to show what you're good for behind the wheel of one of the fastest vehicles in the world. According to the plot, you will be in the role of a racer who devoted his whole life to racing. Of course, victories did not come to our hero immediately. First, it was necessary to break through from the amateur league to the main one. After all, only here you can fight for the Formula 1 title. Perhaps the main character will need your help in the race, where the champion title will be at stake. Do not count on defeat when a skilled driver like you is behind the wheel! Ready to prove that you are the best? Then, get in the car and go to the track!

You will have to fight on many tracks. You didn't think that it would be enough to win one race and become a champion? It is necessary to take part in a large number of races. Depending on how you come to the finish line, the number of points earned will also depend. Only after the end of the season in the first place can you get the title of the best racer. On the track besides you, there will be 19 more participants. The roads here are narrow, which means that you will have to show dexterity and maneuverability. If you go off the road, then the speed will begin to drop rapidly. The same will happen if you fly into the opponent at full speed. We wish you victories and good luck!

Formula Rush Online was added in Formula 1 Games.