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"Newbie vs. Choo-Choo Charles" is an endless survival runner where you have to help the main character escape from a terrifying monster that somehow found its way into the Minecraft world! But if you think getting away from the pursuit will be easy, you are deeply mistaken. This arthropod-like creature, resembling a giant spider, not only has great speed but also a formidable arsenal of weapons. So, be extremely attentive and dodge enemy attacks to avoid becoming the next victim of this bloodthirsty train!

How to play? Run forward without looking back, while avoiding collisions with various obstacles. Periodically, Charles will shoot rockets or spit thick, sticky fluid that can instantly immobilize you. But even if you fail, use a one-time revival to continue your deadly marathon! Collect diamonds to unlock other unique characters, such as zombies, skeletons, golems, and even Endermen! Unlock access to new amazing locations, including deserts, cities, forests, seas, and the Nether. Compete with your friends, cover as much distance as possible, and set astonishing records!

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