Parkour Games

Parkour is the life philosophy of real extreme people. To recharge your energy and adrenaline you need to discover the true spirit of parkour. In the game "Parkour", you will be transported to a huge metropolis, which is full of high-rises and skyscrapers. You will be jumping on tall buildings, perform mind-blowing stunts on benches, freerunning and even running away from the police. For parkourists nothing is impossible and now you'll see for yourself!

Here you can find a game for every taste and get a powerful dose of adrenaline. By passing the urban tests, you can test their abilities army parkour, learn somersault jumps and try to pass specially created areas with lots of obstacles. Hot heads are ready to overcome the most unimaginable obstacles and adapt to any difficulties. Stone Jungle is a challenge for the parkourist. You have to conquer the top of the metropolis! After all, parkour is the element of the bravest and most desperate!