Ski Master is an excellent snowboard racing simulator that will give you the opportunity to become a real ski master! Along the way, collect gold coins and gift boxes, inside of which there may be various auxiliary bonuses that allow you to increase the speed of your character's movement. Immobilize an opponent with a flying saucer or throw a snowball to stun them for a while. These tricks will help you get ahead and leave your opponents far behind!

Jump from high cliffs and jumps to fly over various obstacles. Avoid collisions with stone boulders and fallen trees so as not to lose precious seconds that could cost you victory. Get to the finish line first and get a generous reward, thanks to which you will have the opportunity to purchase unique snowboards and ski masks. Complete daily tasks, spin the wheel of fortune and get daily bonuses for logging into the game! Set new incredible records and take first place in the leaderboard! Good luck!

Ski Master 3D was added in Snowboarding Games.