Shopping Games

If you are passionate about shopping, you have the chance to discover a collection of shopping games that will give you ideas shopping and will cause you to make a shopping list. Along with characters like Ariel, Girls, or Tiana Ana, you have the opportunity to spend precious time with your virtual friends and help them make appropriate purchases, but taking care to fit in the budget.

Now's your chance to build a special place for those who love shopping. Read the instructions, then hires workers, budget sets, builds step by step depending on the requirements of the game, you learn to create a strategy so that you have money in the budget and employees to build so as to attract visitors. But the most important thing is that you must be careful because you have a limited time to finish the job.

Shopping games offers all the girls the opportunity to have fun, and learn new things. Whether you are a manager or a little fashionista in the making, now's your chance to test your skills and innate talent. You're welcome to test our free games with your friends.

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