Music Games

Listen to famous songs? Imagine that celebrities are often known as singers dressed? Our selection of music games will delight any little girl eager to discover this exciting world. Play will of the fashion designer and choose the appropriate outfit for a concert, shoot, music contest. Play piano and have fun with our characters, enjoying any composition obtainable together. Follow the instructions on screen to meet every requirement of the game. Discover how much fun it is to be a DJ in the club to play with an orchestra or to mix music and enjoying others with your interpretations.

Now we provide free of charge to all children meant music games enthusiasts this area. Whether you prefer to play an instrument or voice, choose to play solo or to be part of a band, we offer the chance to test your skills and natural abilities. Sing rock, classic punck times and have fun with our characters. Enjoy every moment and call your friends to join you in the music world. We are welcome to have fun together!

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