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Regular Show Games

Our collection of Regular Show games will be available free of charge to offer fun and adventures with favorite characters from the animated series Americans loved worldwide. Now you can accompany Mordecai and Rigby in their extraordinary adventures, catching the courage to fly with two favorite characters or entering into a cemetery. Mordecai and Rigby are opposite, entering an exciting adventure in the world of Ninja Dojo or learning to fight in a battle for life and death following simple instructions to start the game.

Our collection of Regular Show games offers the opportunity to defeat the fear of the dark, you develop skills gamer and discover how easy it is to follow directions at the beginning and throughout the game, using keys or a mouse with a simple click. Mordecai and Rigby beside you can have fun running on the Moon, your vengeance on enemies or enemies making it dust. Muscle Man will learn to jump with a simple click of the mouse or using the key to slip space and you will have fun learning to control the movements of the two characters.