Garden Games

You like to spend time in the garden? Do you want to learn how to take care flowers? Then we recommend garden games designed to teach you new things from invaders basic things related to the sale of garden flowers. Now you have the chance not only to learn how to choose flowers, cared for them, but also to take advantage of your work getting money from their sale. It's fun to plant and pick flowers, but watch out, they have to pick up speed especially as they spring up increasingly often and you need a plan to harvest them all and earn points.

Gardening educational and fun garden games are available for free to enjoy every moment spent with your favorite characters, loved the flowers and fragrant gardens, colorful. These games are designed to teach and logic of a game you can not plant or to pick flowers without a prearranged plan or risk of surplus goods and can not sell in time. Gather your friends and have fun with us and our characters in a magical world, colorful education. Start this adventure we learn the first steps in a garden which means care.

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