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Solitaire Games

If you like the challenges that require patience, we invite you to test our choices regarding Solitaire games. Now you have the opportunity to learn to play (if you do not already know) how to arrange, move and place cards so you can create groups of books in order from As to King. Because our games are for kids, you have many funny variants like Peppa, Spider Solitaire and more. The game style differs from country to country, so try to give you the chance to test many other variants, including those in which the cards are placed in the shape of a tower, not necessarily block-shaped.

Play Solitaire games that develop not only patience but also attention and strategy. Such games are considered to be ideal for spindles or parties in society and benefit from a long tradition in European countries regardless of the name under which they are known as Freecell or Solitaire Crescent.