Snake Games

Feed the flemish snake in these snake games. You do not just have to feed the starving snake, but you are also challenged to fight snakes or to overcome obstacles. Be careful not to fall into the trap, stay out of the way or do not get head to tail because you have lost everything that you have accumulated up to that moment.

Snake games are aimed at those who are capable and fast, who want to improve their game technique and have fun with our selection. In the snow, the garden, the sacrifices, the city, the food, the gifts or the refreshing of the bombs and the dynamite, the snake is the main character in these games, and you are the ones who have to help him reach every target he has if you want to get to the next stage. Follow the varied trails with snakes or help them get out of the maze because this is your role at this moment. Move fast to catch the food to keep you from attacking and growing as big as possible.