Bull Games

Do you like adventure? Do you like to feel the adrenaline flowing? Choose our offers bull games. Race bulls beware because you only have five lives that depend on your ability professional player. You have to move quickly out of the way of angry bull, pressing the arrow keys simultaneously, watching it opens the gate, picking up the keys to open the next level. Adrenaline pumping, the game evolves, children have fun if you choose this game entertaining and addictive.

Gather your friends together to test with the bull games. Have fun fleeing raging bull that is locked defend cow farm zombie attack. The game can be played angry cows and android or iphone so now you can have fun when you're away from home. Angry birds game resumes famous idea, but using the appropriate Angry Cows. Hold your mouse down to make cow to run, then let go to let it bounce out and land on the red cows tower. If you manage to tear down all the cows and give them out of the cradle, pass to the next level, otherwise not receive roast beef. Fun, right?

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