Rabbit Games

Our collection of rabbit games is available to all who love these cute pets and want to play with them. Our specialists have carefully selected games, especially for you, so to meet the most demanding requirements. Carefully read the instructions at the beginning and during the game, press keys or click the mouse and try to earn points needed to win the game.

Now you have the opportunity to test our collection of free rabbit games, feeding animals with tiny carrots, leaving you with sledge on snow, playing puzzle with rabbits, bunny participating in a marathon or even a bunny wedding. Gamers now have the opportunity to showcase their abilities and to prove to his friends that can gather the many carrots as Bugs Bunny is not the only one that can get kisses or choose attire suitable for the rabbit of our game. Whether you choose to offspring of animals cared for at the zoo or to help the bunny to get out of the maze to reach the carrot, now you have the opportunity to have fun with us and your friends.

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